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 Flare at Egilabria 2 - October 2014

(Please view the video by clicking the below image.)

 Flare at Egilabria 2 – October 2014








The video ‘attached’ was taken on 8 October 2014 during flowback recovery and testing operations carried out on the Egilabria 2 well in Armour’s 100% owned ATP1087 tenement in north Queensland. Egilabria 2 is a lateral well which was facture stimulated during 2013 and targeted the Lawn Shale, a thick, organic rich, shale formation being evaluated by Armour Energy. The Egilabria 2 well is believed by Armour to be part of the most promising shale gas prospect in Australia to date. Gas samples from previous sample collecting and testing activities indicate more than 90% methane, carbon dioxide content of less than 2% and helium  content of approximately 1%. These results have been achieved nothwithstanding the fact that Armour believes that only 1 of the 12 fracture stimulation stages may have been successful. The Lawn Shale is present in Egilabria 2 between depths of 1,583 and 1,720 metres, at 137m thick, and hosts up to 8% Total Organic Content (TOC). During the drilling of the well in 2013, significant gas shows and flares were encountered between 425 and 1,870 metres vertical depth. However, these are yet to be stimulated or tested, and considerable further potential is considered to be evident at this depth.

Interview with Robbert de Weijer, OSIX Digital Magazine, July 2014


Interview with Robbert de Weijer, Noosa Conference, 19 July 2013


Glyde #1 lateral well in the Northern Territory, Australia

Armour Energy drilling of the Glyde #1 in the 100% owned EP 171 in the Northern Territory. The well is located approximately 61kms south of McArthur River Zinc Mine in the Batten Trough of the McArthur Basin.


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