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Armour Energy

Environment and Cultural Heritage


Armour Energy continues to maintain an excellent environmental record which has been achieved through our understanding of the environment in which we operate and our commitment to minimising our footprint. Our proactive approach has seen us introduce systematic assessment, monitoring and management programs to meet not only the requirements of our statutory obligations but also to meet broader community expectations. Armour Energy actively monitors the impacts of our activities and we pursue and engage solutions which may further enhance the success of our projects and environmental management activities.

We understand community concerns and have engaged with the regulators, landholders and the community generally to ensure we continue to develop and implement best practice environmental standards into our operating systems.

Community & Cultural Heritage

Armour Energy understands that meaningful engagement with local communities is vital to the ongoing success of our projects. We have developed robust, long term relationships within the communities in which we work by actively and regularly engaging with landholders, traditional owners, local authorities and local businesses. The importance placed by Armour Energy’s senior leadership team on the process of early consultation, engagement and issue resolution is significant. This early opportunity for feedback and comment ensures prompt and effective resolution of any potential issues as they arise, leading to successful delivery of projects.

Armour Energy also emphasises the importance of buying locally and has successfully engaged local people, contractors and service providers. We will continue to actively pursue this process because we understand the importance of external investment in regional communities.


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